About Me

Hello everyone, Murphy here, the brains behind Gramophone! “The brains” seem like a bit of a stretch because really, Gramophone was born out of my pure love for all things musical. My love of music was ingrained at a very young age. I come from a musical family, and so I was trying my hand at instruments as soon as I could walk and talk. I’m something of a Jack of All Trades when it comes to musical instruments since I can play lots of them decently (and some very well). 

My knowledge of instruments and pure passion for playing means that I talk about music to anyone that will listen. That’s all well and good, but many of my acquaintances just aren’t musically inclined. That’s where the idea of Gramophone was born. I thought there would be no better way to get my passion across than a website dedicated to all things musical. 

Here on Gramophone, I aim to share my knowledge and opinions of what I know best - musical instruments. I want to use this space to answer all of the burning questions people have about their instruments, as well as recommending the best instruments and accessories that I have come across. So, whether you are curious as to what key an alto sax should be in, or you want to get your hands on the best trombone, this website is for you!