Best Brass Cleaner

Whether you have some fancy brass antiques at home, some brass kitchen appliances, or even a brass instrument, they’re going to need some proper cleaning now and then.

Just like any other material, brass becomes dull and tarnished over time, losing its shine and its golden appeal. Normal cleaning products won’t do the trick at all.

And although you could try and create your own brass cleaner with a blend of different products, it’s honestly a lot easier and a lot more inexpensive to just buy a special brass cleaner that will do the job better.

In fact, some brass cleaners will not only clean and bring your brass object back to its new shiny appearance, but they will also help protect your brass from any further damage, as well as repairing it so that it becomes a lot more long-lasting and resistant to the passing of time.

There are plenty of brass cleaners available in today’s market, with a lot of competition between different brands and cleaning products that all claim to be the very best option. 

If it’s the first time that you’re needing to find a good brass cleaning product for your brass, you might struggle with determining which product is truly the best and most reliable option. 

To help out, we’ve compiled a list with our top five picks for the overall best brass cleaner, and all you need to do is read through them and choose the one that suits your needs and preferences the most.


Wright's Copper, Brass Cream Cleaner - 8 Ounce - Gently Cleans and Removes Tarnish Without Scratching

Wright’s Copper and Brass Cream Cleaner is an excellent option to go for, and it has made it to the top of the list of our top picks thanks to the overwhelming number of positive reviews and ratings that it has from many satisfied customers.

It is made with all high-quality ingredients, and it has been engineered with a mild and non-scratch formula that instantly removes the tarnish and that polishes copper, brass, and other metals.

The Anti-tarnish agents that it features also leave a protective varnish coating that helps prevent any tarnish from appearing again, therefore helping your brass objects last for even longer.

It’s incredibly easy to use, and it just takes a few seconds of rubbing the cream gently into the brass, for it to be polished, rinsed, and dried, revealing a new-like shine.

As well as being conveniently fast-acting, it is completely odor-free, and can therefore be used perfectly safely within your house. 

It is also very efficient against brass discoloration, and it helps bring back your brass objects to their original appearance and color.

Ideal for any brass object that you have at home, it’s an efficient and highly reliable brass cleaner that will get the job done to a great standard of quality. 

The non-scratch formula is not only great for protecting your brass objects from cleaning, it also helps it be a lot more gentle on your skin while you are using it to clean!

And overall, it’s the best possible option if you want all your basics covered and your brass objects cleaned, shined, and polished fast and easy! 


  • Made with high-quality ingredients and engineered with a mild and non-scratch formula
  • Anti-tarnish agents that leave behind a protective coating
  • Fast-acting and odor-free
  • Efficient against brass discoloration
  • Ideal for cleaning, shining, and polishing your brass objects to a great result


  • Doesn’t professionally restore the metal - recommended for home and personal use


The Brasso Multi-Purpose Metal Polish for Brass is another excellent option and a close second on our list, thanks to how efficient it is and thanks to how long-lasting its effects are, meaning you won’t have to clean your brass objects very often at all.

It’s especially ideal for home appliances and utensils that receive a lot of regular or intense use, and that therefore need longer-lasting protection against the wear and tear of the brass.

However, it is also perfect for cleaning and giving that renewed shine to any other brass objects, including jewelry. This brass cleaner also works on many other metals, such as copper, bronze, stainless steel, aluminum, and others, making it a highly versatile choice!

It is very easy to use, as you simply apply it and rub it in gently with a cloth, for excellent results that will leave your brass objects shining like new. And as mentioned, it has a very long-lasting effect, so you won’t have to clean or polish your brass objects as regularly!

Brasso is also a hugely reliable and recommended brand that has been selling its products since 1905, so they really do know what they are doing and they are still at the top of their game and a leading name within the brass industry. 


  • Highly reliable and high-quality brand
  • Longer-lasting protection
  • Highly versatile and suitable for many different metals
  • Easy to use and ideal for both utensils and finer brass possessions
  • Excellent results for cleaning and giving shine to brass


  • Not as efficient at giving it a polished finish


Twinkle Brass & Copper Cleaning Kit, Easy Effective Cream Formula, 4.38-Ounce (Pack of 2)

If you’re looking for a brass cleaner that is strong enough to tackle the stains and tarnishing of your brass kitchen appliances, then the Twinkle Brass and Copper Cleaning Kit might just be the option for you.

It is a highly versatile brass cleaner, ideal for any of your brass objects but especially efficient on your kitchen utensils that have become dull, tarnished, or even severely stained from cooking.

In fact, the Twinkle Brass Cleaning Kit can easily remove cooking stains from your brass kitchen appliances, as well as restoring their shine and removing any tarnish, to make them look like new once more.

It’s very easy to use, and very fast-acting, completely struggle-free, and not causing any mess whatsoever. The anti-tarnish ingredients that it features also help keep the brass brighter for a lot longer so that you won’t need to polish them again for quite some time.

For convenience, the product also comes with a reusable applicator sponge, making the whole cleaning process a lot easier for you too, as all you need to do is apply the product and rub it in gently with the sponge.

Customers also claim that the cooking stains are removed with minimum effort, so you can get through all of your brass kitchen appliances in a very short amount of time. It also leaves a nice polished finishing layer too. 


  • Ideal for brass kitchen appliances - can easily remove cooking stains
  • Fast-acting, struggle-free, and easy to use
  • Anti-tarnish ingredients that help keep the brass brighter for longer
  • Reusable applicator sponge included
  • Versatile and highly efficient


  • The sponge is hard to clean after use


Flitz Instant Brass & Copper Tarnish Remover - 16. oz Spray

The Flitz Brass and Copper Tarnish Remover is another great choice of product for efficiently cleaning and polishing your brass possessions for great and shiny results. 

As a 42-year-old family-owned company, Flitz has become a highly popular and recommended brand when it comes to taking care of your brass to great standards of quality.

One of its best features is the powerful and organic formula that is completely non-toxic and non-flammable, making it one of the safest options for use indoors, as well as making it ultra-safe in regards to your own health when using the brass cleaner.

It can instantly remove tarnish and rust, as well as any stains or heavy oxidation. It is also very versatile, as it not only works on brass and copper, but on glass, aluminum, painted surfaces, and many more.

As it comes in a spray bottle, it is also very easy to apply and to use, and it acts pretty fast for immediate high-quality results. Customers also attest to the amazing shine that it brings back to the brass objects, making them look like new once more.

Safe to use, fast to use, and simple to use, it truly is a great option for taking care of all your brass possessions, ensuring that they remain spotless and clean, and free of any tough stains.


  • 42-year-old family-owned company - reliable and trustworthy
  • Organic formula - non-toxic and completely safe for indoor use and for personal health
  • Instantly removes tarnish, rust, stains, heavy oxidation, and more
  • Works on many different surfaces, not just brass and copper
  • Spray bottle - very easy to apply


  • Might need to be applied several times to work on the tougher stains


Noxon 7 Liquid Metal Polish, 12 fl oz Bottle for Brass, Copper, Stainless, Chrome, Aluminum, Pewter & Bronze

Last but not least on our list, we have yet another great choice of brass cleaner, the Noxon 7 Liquid Metal Polish. As its name indicates, it is ideal for cleaning and polishing any metal, which includes brass.

It is very easy to use, as you can simply apply it onto a clot and tub it into the brass object gently, for a deep clean and a polish that will leave it shining like new.

The thick cream formula is perfect for applying onto any brass object, including kitchen appliances and utensils, and it can be spread very easily for a good clean finish.

Apart from being very efficient, the Noxon 7 Liquid Metal Polish is also one of the more affordable options, making it ideal for those that don’t need to clean their brass objects that regularly, or that don’t have many of them, to begin with.

Overall, it cleans and polishes with a great finish, and its versatility will allow you to use it on many other home appliances and objects too!


  • Budget-friendly option
  • Highly versatile - can be used to clean and polish all metals
  • Very easy to use - minimal effort
  • Highly efficient results


  • Has a strong smell that remains for a while

Best Brass Cleaner Buying Guide

For an appropriate maintenance and upkeep of your brass objects and appliances, you need to ensure that they are suitably cleaned every so often, to get rid of the dullness and the tarnish that appears over time and over repeated use.

Getting the shine back to its original state can also be done through polishing, but not any polishing product will do the trick. The best and most efficient way to both clean and polish your brass objects is to use a brass cleaner.

Best Brass Cleaner

Of course, with so many options for brass cleaning products in today’s market, it can be hard to determine which is the best and most suitable option for you.

What we recommend that you do, in order to determine the products that meet the standards you have in place, is to take a few basic factors into consideration, comparing them against your needs and preferences so that you can find something that features everything you need to a high standard. 

Cleaning formula:

The formula that a brass cleaner features will determine how powerful and efficient it is against dirt, tarnish, stains, rust, and other damage done to the brass over time. The better the formula, the cleaner your brass will end up. 

However, there are also other things to consider when looking at the formula. For example, how safe it is to use. We strongly recommend that you look for brass cleaners with mild and gentle formulas, as they are a lot safer to use and a lot less toxic.

You could also even look for an organic formula that is completely non-toxic too! 

Damage and tarnish prevention:

Some brass cleaners will leave behind a layer of protecting coating so that your brass object is protected from further tarnishing and damage.

This tends to be thanks to the brass cleaner featuring anti-tarnish ingredients within the formula, so that is something you can look out for. 

Shine restoration and polishing:

You should look for a brass cleaner that can not only clean your brass objects efficiently but also restore their shine and leave them with a polished finish so that they look just like new.

Some brass cleaners will be better at multi-purposing the cleaning with the polishing, while others might struggle.

So we recommend that you read the product descriptions carefully to ensure that your brass cleaner will also leave the brass shining like new. 

Application and durability:

As a general rule, brass cleaners are very easy to apply and very fast-acting. They can come in many different forms, such as a cream, an oily liquid, or a spray bottle.

Whichever type of brass cleaner you choose is completely up to you and down to your personal preferences or needs. 

As for durability, some brass cleaners are a lot more long-lasting than others, in the sense that the layer of protection that they leave behind on your brass object will resist through a lot more time and use.

This is especially useful for brass objects that withstand regular or intense use, as it will mean that you don’t have to clean them as regularly, therefore, saving you both money and time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use toothpaste to clean brass?

There are many DIY methods of cleaning your brass that don’t involve buying a special brass cleaning product.

Toothpaste is one of these methods, and a lot of people claim that you can easily clean the tarnish off of brass by applying toothpaste to it. 

However, don’t expect the toothpaste to work many wonders. Results will be dubious and it might not work on all tarnished stains or all brass objects. 

If you really want to ensure your brass is clean, you should just use a brass cleaning product. Not only will it be a lot easier and a lot more efficient, but brass cleaners are also pretty affordable.