Best Cheap Saxophone

Are you starting your saxophone journey or just looking for a cheap saxophone to use? There are a number of saxophones available on the market and prices vary. It is important to find the right saxophone to suit your needs but if you are a beginner, it is a good idea to start with a cheap sax.

Expensive models that include an array of additional features would not be the best for beginners. Even if you already play the saxophone but are on a budget, we will help run through the top choices below.

It can be confusing choosing what to buy and how to find it. Don’t worry as we have you covered. We have included low budget options which also offer great quality.

Below are details on these choices followed by an extensive buyer’s guide, and FAQ’s to help to understand what the best cheap saxophone is.

It is time to discover which are the best cheap saxophones on the market today.

Are you in a rush? If you can’t wait to see who the winner is, here it is!

Why is it our top pick?

If you can’t wait to play your new saxophone, here is our top choice.

We decided on the Mendini by Cecilio E-Flat Alto Saxophone, mainly because of Mendini’s excellent reputation and the ease in which it plays. It includes a generously large bore which is easy to play for beginners and young players.

Along with the fast action keys, the Mendini results in a full-bodied sound, and a smooth playing action for all.

Another factor in Mendini getting first place is how often it appeared in our research. It is a very popular choice amongst young saxophone players. Here are a few more reasons why we think it’s the best:

The driving tone is deep and rich with a balanced intonation over the entire range. This allows for an easy playing experience and a very pleasing sound.

The Mendini is one of the lightest saxophones around. With size diameters of 26 x 7 x 13 inches, it only carries 9.85 pounds making it easy for children to play, and for users to carry around.

If you are interested in an Alto saxophone, this is a superb choice.
It is also one of the best-looking saxophones out there with a gold lacquer giving it a simple yet stylish design. 


Mendini By Cecilio Eb Alto Saxophone - Case, Tuner, Mouthpiece, 10 Reeds, Pocketbook- Gold E Flat Musical Instruments

Mendini is one of the top brands in the world of saxophones today and the Cecilio E-Flat Alto saxophone is no exception.

A stand out feature of the Mendini is it’s easy to play nature. Quick action keys allow players to deliver effortless performances with sheer ease. The intonation is even across the whole range resulting in a smooth, simple action.

At only 9.85 pounds, this alto sax is incredibly lightweight. This is one of the reasons it is a great choice for children who want to start playing. It is easy to handle and carry around, making it a very accessible instrument for all players.

An added bonus of buying the Cecilio E-Flat is the additional accessories that come with it. These include a polishing cloth, 10 reeds, a neck strap, a cleaning rod, gloves, a sturdy mouthpiece with cap, and a protective carry case. Many saxophones come with additional features but this is at such a great price in comparison to so many others.

If you also want to get an Alto sax that can offer easy playability in addition to high structural quality, a simple yet elegant design, and longevity at reasonable rates, here is what you should buy. This gold lacquered alto sax has the keys Eb and high key F#. This is built with special attention to quality and comfort.

This saxophone isn’t only smooth to play, but it is exceptionally slick in design. Its gold lacquered finish helps it stand out against competitors. The structure is high class with stainless steel springs, top quality leather pads, rib construction, and metal resonators.

The Mendini by Cecilio E-Flat Alto Saxophone is the best cheap saxophone out there. The quality, style, and playing nature of the instrument will make you want to play for days on end.

Each Cecilio saxophone is made with hundreds of hand-crafted parts, and all masterfully assembled. Teachers all over the world have approved the Cecilio saxophone and the E-Flat Alto is a firm favorite in the saxophone world.


  • High F# key
  • Additional accessories such as a tuner, mouthpiece, hard carry case, neck strap, pocket-book cleaning rod, and a polishing rod
  • Gold lacquered body and keys
  • High quality with rib construction, top quality leather pads, metal resonators, and stainless steel springs
  • Lightweight at only 9.85 pounds


  • The pads have been known to crumble after some use but this is quite rare


Glory Gold Laquer E Flat Alto Saxophone with 11reeds,8 Pads cushions,case,carekit

Here is another fantastic alto Eb saxophone. The Glory Professional Alto Eb saxophone is an excellent low budget option that combines quality and low cost.

If you are learning the saxophone, this is a robust instrument to start with. It is sturdy but lightweight at the same time.

Weighing only 10.25 pounds, this saxophone would be perfect for the smaller player or child. Furthermore, its measurements are 19.2 x 12.2 x 6.1 inches, making it very comfortable to play, and carry around.

The key layout is designed to allow users to play the saxophone easily. Along with the appealing feel of playing it, the bell decoration is hand engraved giving the saxophone a sophisticated look.

High-quality leather pads with metal resonators, a metal thumb rest, and adjustable key height screws help the player’s fingers rest serenely.

Although an alto Eb saxophone, the Glory Professional can reach a high F#. This lets the player have a wide choice of styles and music to perform with.

The design is compact and the simplistic key-holes layout makes it a very suitable choice for children as well as adults.

The Glory Professional Alto Eb SAX saxophone is one of the most economical choices on the market today. Combining style and affordability, it has become a very appealing saxophone for everyone, let alone beginners.


  • Includes 8pc mouthpiece cushion hard-shell case, 11pc reeds, mouthpiece, neck strap, screwdriver, cleaning rod, and cloth, grease, and gloves
  • Hand engraved bell decoration giving it sophistication
  • Accurate sound hole positions for fingers to rest comfortably
  • Easily played for children and adults
  • Has high F#


  • Doesn’t come with a saxophone stand


Ammoon is highly regarded and well known for its musical instruments along with manufacturing high-quality saxophones at low costs.

One of the most appealing aspects of the Ammoon Alto saxophone is its antique finish and elegant design. If you’re looking for a saxophone that will stand out from the rest, this is the one for you. Its crave pattern is designed with class and grace.

When buying a new saxophone, it’s not all about the design. You need to know that it offers good durability too. For the Ammoon Alto saxophone, it is not only beautifully designed but is structurally strong. It is created using bronze adding to its longevity and sturdiness.

Although a very solid instrument, this sax is surprisingly lightweight. Weighing only 5.78 pounds, it is a great choice for students and children. The size measurements are 24.4 x 5.9 x 9.8 inches so it is comfortable to carry and hold.

There is no lack of quality with the Ammoon. The leather pads are water-resistant and it also includes a steel needle. The playability is easy with abalone shell key inlays.

There are a plethora of accessories included such as gloves, grease, mouthpiece, a brush, a cleaning cloth, and a strong sax trap. Moreover, a solid carrying case is also provided allowing the user to transport it easily.


  • The surface design has a beautiful carve pattern
  • Ambidextrous
  • Made from high-quality brass with an antique finish
  • Water-resistant leather pads
  • Ideal for solo performances or accompaniment in classic or jazz music


  • Reeds may need replacing with stronger versions


Here is another alto saxophone with a very appealing design and very affordable.

The workmanship and structure of the Lazarro Alto Saxophone is wonderful. The black color makes it unique to look at and a popular choice with many players around the world.

This saxophone includes everything a beginner would need. Great craftsmanship and clear intonation combine to create a well-rounded instrument.

It is important to note that this Lazarro saxophone is suitable for many occasions. These range from bands, solo concerts, or even just learning by yourself. It works well for both beginners and those more advanced.

Players will find this easy to handle and play too. Carrying only 10.2 pounds, it is another lightweight option with a slightly larger size than those previously mentioned at 25 x 6 x 12 inches.

Its hand-engraved bell is a stylish bonus alongside additional features including a metal thumb rest, quality leather pads with metal resonators, a carry case, and changeable key height screws.


  • Perfect for many occasions such as concerts, playing in a band, and learning
  • Stylish hand-engraved bell
  • Lightweight at only 10.2 pounds
  • Additional accessories such as a metal thumb rest, quality leather pads with resonators, carry case, and changeable key height screws


  • Only available in black


Mendini by Cecilio Tenor Saxophone, L+92D B Flat, Case, Tuner, Mouthpiece, Gold

Our last pick on the list is the Mendini by Cecilio MTS-L+92D Gold Lacquer B Flat Tenor Saxophone.

This varies from our previous entries above as it is a tenor saxophone. This is a medium-sized member of the saxophone family and may be suited to more experienced users.

This tenor saxophone offers a darker, more mellow tone to the alto saxophones. If this is the sound you are looking for, the Mendini tenor saxophone is a great affordable choice.

The diameter of the Mendini tenor saxophone is larger at 33 x 7.8 x 14 inches. This may not be as suitable for children but a great start for adults looking to further themselves on the instrument.

This saxophone comes with rose brass with a high F#. It includes a ribbed construction, quality leather pads with stainless tone boosters, steel springs, and tilting style Bb spatula keys.

If you purchase an instrument of this caliber, you want to make sure it is safe in transport. Thankfully, the Mendini tenor saxophone comes with a pro-deluxe durable hard-shell case. Also included is a mouthpiece, a neck strap, 10 2.5” reeds, a cleaning cloth and rod, and a pair of gloves.

A bonus of this saxophone is the Cecilio 92-D chromatic/string tuner with a metronome. This will help players tune their saxophone more easily and quickly.


  • Comes with 1 year warranty against any manufacturer defects
  • A Cecilio 92-D chromatic/string tuner with metronome
  • The case comes with backpack style shoulder straps
  • Good quality gold lacquer finish
  • Tilting style low Bb spatula keys


  • Slightly heavy so unsuitable for children

Best Cheap Saxophone Buying Guide

When looking for a new saxophone, it is important to know which one is best for you. There are 12 different types of saxophones. 

These range from the Alto sax to bass saxophone. If you are looking for your first saxophone, an alto saxophone is probably the best choice.

We have listed some criteria which we think you should consider before buying a budget-friendly saxophone.

The Size

Learning to play an instrument is no easy task. Making sure you can play it comfortably is the first step.

Alto saxophones are generally considered to be the best option for beginners. A saxophone should be user-friendly and starting with a bass saxophone would be a difficult task.

New or used?

Many people don’t consider buying a used saxophone. If your budget is limited, it could be worthwhile looking into used saxophones on the market. Of course, there are pros and cons to buying used or new instruments.

The pros of a new saxophone are that it is generally ready to play with no wear or tear. The lacquer is usually perfect along with the accessories and pads. The cons are that new saxophones are generally more expensive but it is always worth investing in something which will be used for years to come.

The pros of a used saxophone are that they can be made with superb craftsmanship which isn’t available today. The engravings are usually more detailed with very stylish frills. The cons are that they can be worn, damaged, and they don’t always come with accessories.


Prices vary on saxophones and this depends on many factors. Costs are usually determined by the design, sound quality, and any accessories available.

It is important to not fall for the design of a saxophone without knowing the sound quality first. The finish also affects prices with gold being the most costly.

Music Genres

Discovering the right saxophone also depends on what music genre you want to play. For those interested in jazz, the tenor saxophone would be the best choice. It is tuned to Bb with a familiar curvy body style.

Even the alto saxophone can be used within the jazz genre. Also tuned to Eb, its higher range has been used by some of the jazz greats.

Bass saxophones are less common in jazz or pop music. They would be used mostly in orchestral environments and classical arrangements.

The baritone is a regular in many types of music with its deep tones evident in rock n roll.

Best Cheap Saxophone - FAQ's

How much should I spend on my first saxophone?

The saxophone is a complex instrument, and this is also evident in its varying prices. Whatever happens, you are making a significant financial decision. The decision in choosing a saxophone should be an entirely personal one.

It is highly advisable to purchase your saxophone from a professional saxophone store as these stores will ensure the horn has a full professional setup and overhaul. This also allows you to have your saxophone set up to your specific requirements.

Professional saxophones can run into thousands of dollars but, as the list above shows, you can buy excellent entry-level saxophones at very respectable prices.