Best Euphonium Mouthpiece

A euphonium is not an instrument you hear about as frequently as other orchestral horns such as a trombone, a trumpet or a saxophone, but it just as important. Often used in an ensemble, this large belled instrument has a conical bore and a deep tenor tone.

This instrument, much like the trumpet, trombone and sax, is made from solid brass. This material is what gives it its rich, warm tone. However, it is the largest of the horn section instrument, save for the tuba or the contrabass saxophone.

When it comes to achieving those rich, deep, bass-heavy notes, you’ll want to be certain that you have the right mouthpiece for the job at hand.

Ideally, you’ll want something with an expansive cup size and a flattened rim that will enable you to articulate those deeper notes. The right mouthpiece makes all the difference between an orchestra-worthy performance and one that is distinctly subpar.

Achieving those high regal Bb notes or those ominous-sounding deep G notes will all depend on the versatility and the construction of your mouthpiece. Ideally, you’ll want something durable and simple to play.

But where can you find the best euphonium mouthpieces? What features and materials should a euphonium mouthpiece have to give you that professional standard of sound? How much will a decent euphonium mouthpiece set you back in terms of price?

Well, euphonium players the world over won’t need to worry anymore, because we’ve compiled a list of some of the best mouthpieces currently available on the market.

We also have a buyer’s guide that will help you to distinguish the best mouthpieces from the worst, along with some frequently asked questions put to us by euphonium players.


Vincent Bach Bach Trombone Mouthpiece (35012CBAC)

As most music aficionados will be able to tell you, the name Bach is most commonly associated with the musical proficiency and virtuoso talent - and the euphonium mouthpiece that bears its name is certainly no different.

This small shank trombone mouthpiece is designed for trombones, euphoniums and baritones, with plenty of top ratings on Amazon, this is a premium-grade musical accessory - introducing the Bach 12C Trombone Mouthpiece.

The price of this mouthpiece is what sets it apart from a lot of the other models on this list. If you want something that you can bring to the practice room to play several instruments, then you won’t go far wrong with this versatile mouthpiece. With a slightly smaller cup size, this is perfect for achieving those higher notes.

The design of this mouthpiece will give you might brighter and crisper notes, which will be more appealing to entry-level players who are still struggling to articulate their notes. The dimensions of the cup won’t be too hard on the lips, which is also perfect for players who are going to be playing for hours on end.


  • For those players who are worried about taxing their embouchure, this mouthpiece straddles that distance between intermediate and professional playing. The style of the rim will be very easy on the mouth and allow you that fluidity between notes.
  • Playing high notes - if you prefer dabbling at the high end of the register, then you won’t go far wrong with this mouthpiece.
  • The price - this is a great entry-level mouthpiece for euphonium players, with plenty of features that will enable you to go toe-to-toe with the pros.
  • The size of the cups is a medium and is perfect for players still getting to grips with their embouchure and seasoned orchestra players who want to hit those bright notes.


  • Some users have complained about the price they’ve paid for this mouthpiece considering the limited notes that it can play.


Glory Silver Plated Euphonium/Baritone Mouthpiece Silver 61/2

This next euphonium mouthpiece is one of the most affordable on our list, with a wide range of professional features adapted especially to hit the high notes.

This is one aimed specifically at intermediate and advanced players who want to expand their repertoire or play a piece that lies in a much higher register - introducing the Glory Silver Plated Euphonium/Baritone Mouthpiece.

If you are a professional player who wants a backup mouthpiece for their euphonium, trombone or baritone instrument but don’t want to spend the full whack, then you won’t go far wrong with this one. Very often it will important for a player to have a backup mouthpiece in case their primary one is lost or gives out for whatever reason.

This is made from a solid steel composition, which means that it will be naturally more resistant to the corrosive elements of moisture. The cup size is also in the medium range, which makes it a versatile model that can be used on a variety of different horn instruments.


  • The price - this is probably the most affordable mouthpiece for the euphonium on this list. You can pitch it accurately to a much higher register, giving those warmer, brighter notes.
  • The cup size is perfect for the intermediate player looking to expand their tonal range to include higher pitches and notes.
  • The flattened rim will mold well to most lip shapes, allowing you to strengthen your broken-in embouchure without experiencing straining after a few hours of playing.
  • The solid silver of the construction will be resistant to grime and splitting through increased pressure. The wider shank will also allow you to better control the airflow into your instrument.


  • Some users have complained that their mouthpiece won’t fit properly on their euphonium, becoming loose after just a few uses.


Yamaha 51D Small Shank Trombone Mouthpiece (YAC SL51D),Silver

Our next mouthpiece comes manufactured by the very reputable brand Yamaha, with hundreds of positive reviews, this will be a mouthpiece that you can rely on time and time again.

Reliability and a sturdy metal design will be very important if you are a concert player who expects to experience a high level of moisture on the concert stage - introducing the Yamaha 51D Small Shank Trombone Mouthpiece.

This mouthpiece is another versatile one, with a medium cup size, you can use it on a wide variety of horn instruments. The narrower shank will allow you to have more control over your notes, although it will probably be better for hitting the higher notes on your euphonium.

This is the perfect mouthpiece for the more experienced player who prefers a deep and dark sound. It is also extremely affordable, making it the ideal first choice for an entry-level player who wants to progress to the intermediate level while not spending half of their bank balance to do so.


  • The price - this is perfect for any level of player who wants to save some money on their overall budget, although it is not the cheapest mouthpiece on this list.
  • You can use this on the euphonium, the trombone or any other baritone instrument. You can reach the high celebratory notes of the orchestra or go low for that deep, dark jazz sound.
  • The rim is standard with a wide backbore that will allow a much better articulation between notes, which is much sought after by beginner and seasoned players alike.
  • The construction - the solid steel will prevent the buildup of grime and moisture that can damage a mouthpiece over prolonged use.


  • This is not the cheapest mouthpiece on this list, so if you’re looking to spend less than $20 on one, we would recommend you consult some of the other brands.


Trombone Mouthpiece 6 1/2AL,Baritone and Euphonium Mouthpiece,Silver Plated

This next mouthpiece is another versatile and cheap brand, probably the most affordable mouthpiece on the market currently.

If you are an experienced player but you’ve already spent too much of your budget on other euphonium accessories, we would recommend that you pick up this solid nickel mouthpiece for less than ten bucks - introducing the Missmore Trombone Mouthpiece.

This one is designed for hitting the medium and lower range of notes, so we would recommend it to a jazz player who likes to keep it deep and sleazy-sounding. This is great for both seasoned professionals and entry-level players who want to break in their embouchure.

The Missmore mouthpiece will mold itself much easier to your lips, allowing you better articulation of the notes that will be crucial when first learning the euphonium. The material of this model is very forgiving, meaning that it won’t be too harsh on your lips when trying to reach those lower notes.


  • The construction - this comes in a one-piece, with a medium-sized shank that allows for greater control of air and better articulation of the notes.
  • The cup size of this mouthpiece is larger than some of the others on this list, allowing you to express those lower notes without putting undue strain on your lips and throat.
  • The silver plating will mean that you can achieve clear and bright notes with this mouthpiece.
  • The material of this model will reduce the amount of moisture and grime that will build up and ultimately affect the ability of your mouthpiece to do its job.


  • Some users have complained that the rim is not as comfortable as models like the Bach and will cause you more discomfort over a longer period.


Denis Wick DW5880E-SM4U Silver-Plated Euphonium Mouthpiece, Mead Ultra model

We’ve saved the best until last, with a mouthpiece that comes with an impressive 5-out-of-5 rating on Amazon, this is the perfect model for both professional and amateur musicians alike.

This mouthpiece is designed specifically for the euphonium, with a professional-grade of construction that is versatile, allowing you to hit any note, low or high - introducing the Denis Wick Euphonium Mouthpiece.

This has a very intricately designed funnel/bowl mouthpiece that gives you a very faithful sound reproduction. The mouthpiece also has a black bore taper that is designated to work with all sorts of conical instruments, giving you a warm tone even as you reach the upper registers.

This is the perfect mouthpiece to use on the concert stage or in the recording studio, the hefty price reflecting the quality of the construction and the materials used. The silver-plated composition will prevent the accumulation of moisture, making it easy to clean before and after use.


  • The design - with its unique funnel/bowl construction, you can expect only the very best and brightest sounds from your euphonium.
  • The mouthpiece will give you a warm tone, the flattened rim allowing you to articulate the notes to a professional standard.
  • The construction of this mouthpiece is designed to eliminate as much moisture as possible, allowing you to clean the mouthpiece thoroughly between uses.
  • When it comes to longevity, this unit can’t be beaten - you may pay a lot more than some of the other mouthpieces on this list, but you can certainly expect it to outlast all the rest.


  • The price - if you are a newbie player on a budget, then you will be deterred by the price tag on this mouthpiece. You’ll only want this if you’re a professional musician who wants to reach a more expansive level of instrumentation.

Best Euphonium Mouthpiece Buying Guide

When it comes to buying your euphonium mouthpiece, it’s not always easy. You’ll want to consider the style of music you’re playing as well as the intensity and regularity of your playing.

A jazz euphonium player who plays more than twice a week will want something narrower with more control over fast notes than a concert player who plays a few times a month.

However, there will be a few basic things that any new mouthpiece will have to provide to give you that clear, strong and assured sound.

Here are a few of the things you will be looking for:

Does Your Mouthpiece Have A Sturdy Construction?

Having a solid construction for your mouthpiece will be crucial for achieving the resonance and consistency between notes.

Having a mouthpiece that will warp and suffer from scratches will have far less of a lifespan than a solid nickel or silver-plated one.

The better the construction of your mouthpiece, then the more expensive it will probably be. You’ll have to offset how long you’ll want to use your mouthpiece with how much you’ll be wanting to spend.

Sometimes you can find a middle ground and get a mouthpiece that is affordable and will also stand the test of time.

How Affordable Is Your Mouthpiece?

A lot of the mouthpieces listed above range from just a few dollars to up to $100. This will depend on the level of professionalism and solid design that you’ll want.

A beginner might not want to spend too much on a mouthpiece, especially if they’re still breaking in their embouchure.

The entry-level player will usually want a much wider cup size, as it will be less taxing on their lips and jaw muscles. Remember, you always have to allow a few months for your mouth to adapt to your instrument.

However, if you are a more seasoned professional player, then you might want a medium cup size and a narrower shank that will give you a lot more control over your notes.

Is Your Mouthpiece Comfortable?

Having that comfort in the mouth will be important not just for a seasoned player. If you are a beginner, having that comfortable rim that molds well to the shape of your mouth will be curcial.

Having a harsh rim might put you off practicing and impede your overall commitment to your instrument.

If you are learning trombone simultaneously with the euphonium, you’ll want something with a medium cup size that bridges the gap between the two instruments.

Is Your Mouthpiece Adaptable For All Skill Levels?

Ideally, you won’t be a newbie forever. Over time, your skill with the euphonium will increase and you’ll want a mouthpiece that can adapt to those changes.

Think of it like buying baby clothes - you’ll want something that your child can grow into and will last them a lot longer.

Best Euphonium Mouthpiece - FAQ's

What Is The Best Material For A Euphonium Mouthpiece?

Brass is the traditional material for a euphonium mouthpiece, with yellow brass being the most common on student mouthpieces, having a copper content of around 70%. Rose brass is often used in the construction of leadpipe and bell sections of a euphonium body.

Having a higher copper content will result in a much warmer and richer tone that we are used to hearing in a tenor instrument such as a euphonium.

A lot of the mouthpieces listed above are made from nickel or silver-plated brass, which both have the advantage of being able to resist ‘red rot’ and moisture corrosion.

What Are The Best accessories For A Euphonium?

We would recommend picking up some valve oil for your euphonium, to keep the keys greased and prevent the valves from sticking.

A euphonium stand will also be incredibly useful for preventing your instrument from getting damages by knocks or bangs which will occur if it is left lying around on the floor.