Best Intermediate Trumpet

What an achievement! You have overcome obstacles and the initial difficulty of handling a trumpet. You have now reached the intermediate stage of trumpet playing. To get to this stage is part of your quest to become the best trumpet player you can possibly be. A big help in this quest is an intermediate trumpet to take the place of your starter instrument.

The three levels of trumpet playing are beginner, intermediate, and professional. As you, or someone you know, has reached an advanced level on the trumpet, we have compiled an article to help you choose the best intermediate trumpet available on the market today.

Intermediate trumpets are unique and separate from student and professional models. Made for serious trumpet players, intermediate trumpets contain advanced features to help players develop a richer, higher quality sound.

Moving from a starter to an intermediate trumpet requires you to embrace your new instrument. This is something that may take some time to get used to. Nevertheless, we have compiled a list of the best intermediate trumpets followed by a helpful buyer’s guide and FAQs that you may also have.

Had enough of your beginner trumpet and can’t wait to move on to the next level? Here is our top pick if you’re in a hurry.


Yamaha YTR-2330 Student Bb Trumpet - Gold Lacquer

Our first intermediate trumpet is the YTR-2330 Standard Bb model. As with all intermediate trumpets, the YTR-2330 is designed to produce better sound quality and match the needs of advanced players. Yamaha is one of, if not, the most trusted brands for quality and design.

Renowned for outstanding products and varying styles, Yamaha doesn’t disappoint with the YTR-2330. This reliable trumpet produces a beautiful sound, has easy playability, and the tone is vibrant and consistent thanks to the two-piece bell.

The trumpet is lightweight, making it easier to handle and carry around. The inclusion of a third adjustable valve allows the trumpeter a natural hand movement, helping the player excel in performance. This valve helps the trumpet achieve a soft tone but bright enough to stand out.

Made from yellow brass, the YTR-2330 gives an excellent performance. Features, such as pistons, help prolong the instrument’s lifespan and durability. Intonation is top class and is preferred to many of its counterparts.

A flat contour mouthpiece allows the trumpeter to play in comfort and without any pain when performing for long periods.
The YTR-2330 has helped many trumpeters achieve their desires to become better trumpet players and is an exceptional instrument.


  • Features a two-piece bell helping the trumpet player achieve a consistent and vibrant tone
  • Includes a third adjustable valve allowing natural hand movement for high standard performance
  • Has fantastic intonation and produces a bright yet soft sound
  • Includes a flat contour mouthpiece so players can perform in comfort
  • New pistons and piston caps to prolong the trumpets lifespan and increase the quality


  • Only suited for beginner or intermediate trumpeters


Mendini MPT-RL Red Lacquer Brass Bb Pocket Trumpet with One-Year Warranty, Tuner, Stand, Pocketbook, Mouthpiece and Deluxe Case

Our next selection is the beautiful red lacquer brass bodied Mendini MPT-RL Bb Pocket Trumpet. As an intermediate trumpeter, you will want the best trumpet that delivers the best sound for every note. A great choice is the MPT-RL Bb Pocket model.

Mendini is world-famous for their trumpet making skills. This is another triumph. The red lacquer brass body is extremely attractive and catches your eye immediately. Another attractive factor of the MPT-RL Bb Pocket Trumpet is its lightweight nature. As the name suggests, this pocket trumpet is compact and easy to handle for any intermediate player.

The lead mouthpiece includes phosphorus copper to keep it in pristine condition. The trumpet is in the key of Bb creating the best sounding notes with 0.46 inches and 3.75 inches bell.

The flush action valve assures the best performance. More key features include white faux mother of pearl key inlays with a smooth valve action.

In addition to this, the trumpet comes with a pro-deluxe durable plush-lined nylon covered hardshell case, a Cecilio 92-D chromatic tuner with metronome, a trumpet pocketbook with a helpful fingering chart, a pair of gloves, a bottle of valve oil to keep the valves in shape, a polishing cloth for maintenance, a foldable trumpet stand inside the bell, and a silver-plated 7C mouthpiece. For the price, you get a lot for your money.


  • Delivers the best sound notes thanks to a flush action valve, assuring optimal performance
  • Designed with a beautiful red lacquer brass body helping it stand out from its competitors
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to handle for intermediate players
  • Comes with many additional features for optimized performance and comfort


  • It is quite expensive compared to its counterparts but you get value for many considering the extras and slick design


Tromba Plastic Bb Trumpet-Red

Another superb option for intermediate players is the Tromba Plastic Bb trumpet. If you’re in search of a high-quality instrument, the polished Tromba Plastic Bb model could be a great choice.

Made with a top-quality stainless steel piston with ABS core, this trumpet is top-notch all-round. The finish is easy for trumpeters to clean and is charming to look at.

With a weight of 500g, the Tromba Plastic Bb trumpet is a little heavier than its counterparts. Nonetheless, this doesn’t take away the ease at which it is to handle. Its solid construction protects it against any harm when in use or transport.

The Tromba Plastic Bb trumpet comes equipped with a 5 inches one-piece bell and 0.459 inches bore. It has adjustable 1st, 2nd, and 3rd valve turning slides which ensure the tone of the trumpet is personalized to your preferences. The main tuning slide is also adjustable with two water keys and traditional top sprung valves with interchangeable springs.

The kit includes valve oil to lubricate the tough one-piece molded valve block. This has a twist and lock function to release top and bottom valves quickly which is unique to this trumpet. A reinforced mouth receiver allows any standard metal mouthpiece to be added making it accessible for most players.


  • This is easier to handle and play for most trumpeters, especially those of an intermediate standard
  • Has a pleasant finish which is easy to clean and maintain
  • Polished and made with a top-quality stainless steel piston with ABS core for optimized performance and control
  • Comes with valve oil to lubricate the valve and prevent it from sticking
  • Built with a reinforced mouth receiver allowing any metal mouthpiece to fit perfectly


  • More suited to beginners and intermediate players. Not ideal for professional trumpeters


Hawk WD-T313 Bb Trumpet with Case and Mouthpiece, Silver Plated

Gliding into fourth place on our list is the rugged and strong Hawk WD-T313 Bb Trumpet.

Designed specifically with intermediate players in mind, the Hawk WD-T313 trumpet meets all the requirements of someone at this level.

The construction of the trumpet is simple and comfortable enough for any trumpeter. Although perfect for intermediate players, this is an ideal instrument for beginners too. It is not just suitable for different levels, but it is perfect for many forms of music from classical, jazz, blues, pop, rock, to ska, and funk.

The Hawk WD-T313 is silver-plated and comes with an 11.66mm bore and 123mm bell. This is another trumpet in the key of Bb that has a beautiful rich tone.

The design is compact yet rugged so should last many years with proper care. A bonus of this trumpet is its durability. It is strong enough to withstand most weather conditions and not be affected by the rigors thrown at it.


  • Suitable for many kinds of performances and an array of different music styles from classical to funk
  • Perfect for beginners as well as intermediate trumpeters with its easy to handle nature
  • An alluring silver-plated design helps it stand out and look highly stylish
  • Strong and rugged body suitable for most weather conditions
  • Comes with an 11.66mm bore and 123mm bell for added comfort and a richer sound


  • Paint sometimes peels off around handheld areas on painted versions


Mendini MPT-N Nickel Plated Bb Pocket Trumpet + Tuner, Case, Stand, Mouthpiece, Pocketbook & More

Our last pick is another impressive trumpet from the Mendini range. The Mendini MPT-N Nickel Plated Bb Pocket Trumpet is a perfect choice for intermediate players.

This Bb pocket trumpet is nickel-plated and comes with a 7C mouthpiece. This a beautiful trumpet to look at sporting a phosphorus copper lead mouth pipe, three convenient white mothers of pearl key inlaid, and impressively smooth action valves. More superb features are the 0.46 inches bore and the 3.75 inches bell.

The Mendini MPT-N Nickel Plated Bb Pocket Trumpet is all about comfort. The buttons are a comfortable white faux mother of inlaid pearl, feeling smooth on the hands.

Additionally, the trumpet comes with a pocketbook including basic instructions for beginners and more advanced notes for intermediate players. The inclusion of a Cecilio 92 D chromatic tuner to fine-tune the trumpet is another benefit of getting the Mendini MPT-N.

It is vital the valve of a trumpet is lubricated sufficiently to stop any damage. Mendini has included a bottle of valve oil to combat this along with a soft polishing cloth to clean the instrument. A pair of white gloves will stop any finger marks on the finish keeping it sleek.

An alluring aspect of the Mendini MPT-N Nickel Plated Bb Pocket Trumpet is that it comes with a year’s warranty. They are also Cecilio tested before being sold to ensure the instrument is ready to play.


  • Comes with many additional features including a pocketbook for basic instructions and notes for intermediate players
  • Includes a bottle of valve lubricant to help maintain the valve and keep it from sticking
  • A pleasingly lightweight trumpet that is easy to transport and play
  • Comes with a year’s warranty in case of any damage


  • Valves sometimes stick but proper lubrication should prevent this
  • Not suitable for professional trumpeters

Best Intermediate Trumpet Buying Guide

If you or someone you know has been playing the trumpet for several years, it is probably time to move on to an intermediate instrument. Taking the leap from student level to intermediate can be daunting and there are many questions to find the answers to.

Developing into an intermediate trumpeter requires skill, time, and a lot of practice. Even if you have achieved these, you should consider the differences between the levels of trumpets and the different features each instrument can offer.

Read on and you will find extensive information to help you continue your trumpet journey and progress even further on this majestic instrument.

The Right Trumpet to Meet Your Requirements

When choosing your new intermediate trumpet, it is key that you find one that suits your needs. It also has to help your skill and playing requirements. If you play the trumpet and it doesn’t feel quite right or doesn’t meet your playing requirements, it is best to leave that model alone.

Playing one that isn’t right for you will make playing less enjoyable and more difficult. Before you buy your trumpet, always consider what your requirements are and stay true to that.

The Sound Level

Different trumpet models have different sounds. Student trumpets have a more conservative range whilst professional models are more finely tuned and made for a variety of musical forms.

Intermediate trumpets offer players a high and rich quality sound. It is necessary to consider the sound level of a trumpet before purchase. You should opt for those that provide competent sounds that meet your requirements and the style you play most.

Different Finishes

Trumpets come in all shapes, sizes, and finishes. These are generally based on the brand or manufacturer. Intermediate trumpets come in two different materials; silver plate and lacquer brass models.

Silver is deemed the best and most popular of the two, mainly down to the light coating and metal high tunnel vibration that produces a bright sound. Lacquer bass versions usually have a heavier cost which can affect some trumpet’s sounds.

Bell Types

The quality of a trumpet is determined by the bell type. The trumpet’s bell is made from various materials with brass lacquer being the most regular type in intermediate instruments.

Other materials include silver and rose. Rose is used in helping produce a warmer, richer tone. Silver, which is used the least, is usually found in the top-grade bell and produces a brighter yet deep rich tone.

The size and shape of the bell’s diameter is another important factor. Different shapes and sizes can affect the sounds you desire so understanding which is best for you is recommended.

The Bore

Another critical piece in the trumpet’s jigsaw is the bore. Intermediate trumpet bores are between 450 to 460 inches. These dimensions are what you should be looking for at this level.

Checking Intonation

You want your trumpet to produce a pleasing, top-quality sound. You must make sure your trumpet offers the best sound for what you require and is comfortable to handle for your needs. Ensuring your trumpet doesn’t hit the sharp or flat notes is key and should be taken into consideration.

The Mouthpiece

Without the mouthpiece, a trumpet just wouldn’t be a trumpet. It is the most important part of any trumpet. If the mouthpiece is missing, the trumpet is unplayable. The mouthpiece is found at the beginning of the lead pipe and attaches with a piping portion and tuning slide.

Finding the right mouthpiece can improve the quality of the trumpet sound and the ease with which you play. Before writing off a trumpet, consider trying a different mouthpiece.

Brand Selection

Brands are what many consumers look at when buying anything. Buying an intermediate trumpet from a well-known brand is comforting and important on a trust level.

Many trumpet brands on the market today manufacture very reliable models that last a long time. Brands such as Yamaha are highly regarded as trustworthy and popular for their features and consistent nature.

Brands like these that have a track record of durable instruments are always a good choice. There are many brands known for making good quality intermediate trumpets such as Bach, Jupiter, Getzen, and Cecilio. Each has its own unique qualities that could suit your specifications.

Best Intermediate Trumpet - FAQ's

Can you use a professional instrument as an intermediate player?

You should always find a trumpet that suits your style and requirements. These should also suit the level at which you are at. Finding the right trumpet will help you develop as a trumpeter.

What is the difference between a student and an intermediate trumpet?

There isn't a lot of difference between a student trumpet and an intermediate model. Intermediate trumpets give you a third valve ring. This allows you to tune your trumpet to a definite, precise sound. Intermediate models also have a more lightweight finish which helps the instrument’s vibration.

What is the best brand for trumpets?

As we have already mentioned, there are several brands to choose from. The more money you spend on a trumpet, the better the instrument will be. The best trumpets will always be made by the best brands, and usually, the most known brands. Brands such as Yamaha are one of the best on the market and have a very good reputation.