Best Saxophone Neck Strap

The Saxophone is a woodwind instrument that is played by many professionals and music enthusiasts alike. As an instrument with many key components including the reeds, ligature, and mouthpiece, it is easy to forget the importance of the neck strap.

Whether you are new to playing the saxophone or you are a seasoned professional, a neck strap is going to impact your performance by influencing your comfort.

There are many different types of saxophone neck straps available, from those that are simply designed to those that are more advanced adopting a harness like style. If you are unsure which neck strap is best for your needs you've come to the right place.

To create our guide, we have browsed the market and selected our top five picks of the best options available. To make the process a little easier for you, we have also provided a buyer's guide that is packed with our top tips for selecting the best neck strap for your needs.

If you are in a hurry, we have identified our top pick for you below. 


Neotech Saxophone Strap - Regular - Swivel Hook Neck Strap for Saxophone, Clarinets, English Horns & More - Comfortable Neoprene Instrument Neck Strap

Neotech is a recognized manufacturer of saxophone straps and accessories and so you can be sure that this neck strap is going to be a worthy purchase. Impressively, this strap is fully adjustable and can be altered from 17" to 21" which is great for catering to the comfort of different individuals.

As a universal strap, not only is it suitable for use with saxophones, it can also be used with a range of other instruments including bass clarinets, English horns, oboes, and much more.

Many musicians trust the comfort provided by this strap thanks to the neoprene material and comfortable padding which prevents the occurrence of any neck pains and discomfort.

We particularly like how this strap comes with a choice of four connectors so you can choose depending on which you would find the easiest to attach. This includes a swivel hook, an open hook, a plastic-covered metal hook, and a loop.

A great thing about each of these connectors is the plastic coating which ensures that they don't damage your saxophone by scratching against its surface.

This strap boasts impressive durability that is sure to see you through many uses. Aside from the tough material composition, it also features a thick padded section that sits around the neck for enhanced comfort.


  • This strap has been made in the USA so you can be confident in the source of your purchase.
  • It can be adjusted to suit the requirements of different individuals.
  • Affordably priced, this is a great value option for musicians on a budget.
  • The strap provides reliable support and comfort.
  • Fitting this strap to your instrument is easy and can be done using 1 of the 4 connectors.


  • Some may find the material of the strap to be a little too itchy as this may lead to possible skin irritations.


Yinama Saxophone Neck Strap Soft Sax Leather Padded for Alto Tenor Baritone Soprano

Yinamo offers an effective strap at an affordable price with this product. The strap has been made using thick but soft leather which reduces the pressure on your neck, instead, allowing you to play your instrument in comfort.

The leather is also durable and protects the interior of the strap from becoming damaged.

This strap is adjustable from 17" to 21" which is great for accommodating the needs of different individuals. While some may require a shorter strap, others may benefit from the ability to lengthen their strap so that they can play their instrument comfortably.

Featuring a hook connector, this strap is easy to attach to your instrument. It is also made with a plastic covering which eliminates the risk of your instrument becoming damaged from contact with the hook connector.

Although primarily intended for saxophones, it can be used on Oboes, English Horns and is compatible with all types of saxophones.

The strong webbing accounts for enhanced durability while ensuring that the weight of your instrument is evenly distributed without affecting the quality of the strap.


  • An excellent value option that is ideal for those on a budget.
  • The plastic buckle allows you to adjust the length of the strap with ease.
  • As a universal neck strap, it is compatible with a range of instruments.
  • The padding is responsible for enhanced comfort which prevents the development of any irritations.
  • The rubber-metal hook prevents your saxophone from becoming damaged.


  • The quality of the mechanism could be improved as some customers reported that it started to deteriorate after a few uses.


Pro Tec A310P 22-Inch Regular Padded Saxophone Neck Strap with Swivel Snap Black

If you're looking for a high-quality strap, look no further than the Pro-Tec Regular Padded Saxophone Neck Strap. Praised for its reliability, this strap offers excellent support so you can play your instrument comfortably.

The strap is thin and features thick contoured padding that sits along the neck region. Although this isn't a bulky strap, it is still comfortable and this helps to ensure that any irritations or possible neck pains are avoided.

Impressively, this strap has been made using high-quality materials with seat belt-like webbing. The buckle fastener allows you to adjust the length of the strap so that you can hold your saxophone at the most comfortable position for you.

A great thing about this neck strap is that it is available in three different sizes. This includes a junior, regular, and tall option; great for catering to musicians of different ages and sizes, so they can position the saxophone at a comfortable angle.


  • The materials used to create this neck strap are free of Lead, DEHP, PAHS8, DBP, and BBP.
  • It is available in multiple sizes to cater to different individuals.
  • Retailing within an affordable price range, it is a great choice for those on a budget.
  • The seatbelt material and buckle allows you to adjust the length of the strap easily.
  • The soft velour material allows you to wear this strap with comfort.


  • Some customers have reported that this strap is a little short.


Focusound Upgraded Length Tenor Saxophone Neck Strap Soft Sax Leather Strap Padded for Alto and Tenor Saxophone

The Focusound Leather Saxophone Neck Strap adjustable allowing you to alter the length from 17" to 22.8" which is great for catering to musicians of different sizes.

You no longer have to struggle to hold your saxophone or compromise on the length for quality as Focusound has you covered in both areas.

As for comfort, this neck strap features thick padding which is ideal for those who often find themselves participating in lengthy performances or training sessions as you needn't worry about this strap causing any pains in your neck.

The hook fastener makes this strap easy to attach to your saxophone and the plastic coating protects your instrument from getting damaged or scratched by contact with the fastener.

Made from nylon, this strap is super durable and this strong, high-quality construction ensures that it will see you through many uses in the future.

This material is also breathable and so you can wear this strap without having to worry about the build-up of sweat during lengthy music performances. Aside from this, it is also a universally fitting strap that can be used with all alto and tenor saxophones.


  • The upgraded length means that you can alter the length of the strap; ideal for catering to the needs of different individuals.
  • The buckle makes it easy to alter the length of the strap.
  • This neck strap retails at an affordable price making it excellent value for money.
  • The padding is coated in leather for excellent durability.
  • The strap is thickly padded which makes it comfortable to wear over prolonged periods.


  • Some may find this strap to be a little too thin to provide them with all of the support required.


D'Addario Saxophone Neck Strap - For Alto Saxophone & Soprano Saxophone - Padded Sax Neck Strap - Metal Hook

Last but not least is the Rico Padded Saxophone Strap. A great thing about this strap is that it is available in two options to accommodate different saxophones.

While one strap is suitable for soprano and alto saxophones, the other is suitable for tenor and baritone saxophones.

We particularly like the breathability of this strap. When playing during lengthy music sessions and performances you can often find yourself beginning to sweat and this material ensures that this isn't an issue.

Comfort certainly hasn't been ignored in the construction of this strap. Made with padded memory foam it is super comfortable even when pressing against your neck. Impressively, you can wear this strap without having to worry about any discomfort or pains in your neck.

The coated metal hook makes it easy to attach to your instrument. Alternatively, you can opt for the plastic snap hook if you would prefer. Either of which you choose will allow you to fit the strap to your saxophone with ease.


  • This strap is available in two styles to accommodate different saxophones.
  • The breathable fabric prevents the build-up of sweat keeping the strap dry for the duration of time that it is worn.
  • You can choose from a plastic or metal hook depending on the type you would prefer.
  • Thanks to the thick padding, this neck strap is super comfortable to wear even during lengthy music sessions.
  • The length of the strap can be altered with ease if you require.


  • The adjustable mechanism doesn't lock into place and it is prone to dislodging and moving.

Best Saxophone Neck Strap Buying Guide

There are several factors that you will need to consider before investing in your neck strap.

While there are many different types available, we would advise you to consider the following criteria to ensure that your chosen strap is compatible with your needs.


The comfort of the neck strap is of paramount importance. When worn correctly, the neck strap essentially holds the weight of the instrument.

A neck strap that boasts an uncomfortable design is going to put a lot of stress onto your neck with the likeliness of discomfort and possible pains developing and as a result.

As such this may affect how well you can play your instrument. Ideally, the strap should be made using thick padded materials that do not feel too harsh against the skin. Enjoy playing your saxophone without having to worry about neck pain.

Adjustable Feature

Most saxophone neck straps boast an adjustable design that allows you to alter the length and how it fits.

It isn't the case that a standard strap is going to fit comfortably on every individual as it can vary depending on the height, build, and comfort preferences.

An adjustable strap provides you with greater flexibility, allowing you to alter the fit so that the strap and the saxophone sit at a comfortable position across your body.

The Fastener

The fastener refers to the mechanism that is responsible for attaching and detaching the strap to the instrument. In most cases, this tends to be a hook fastener which allows you to clip the strap onto your saxophone with ease.

Ideally, this hook should be made from plastic or coated with rubber, as this prevents the instrument from becoming damaged or scratched after contact with the mechanism.


Ideally, your neck strap should be as supportive as possible because the support that is offered by the neck strap is going to determine how effective it is in preventing the development of neck pains and irritations.

Your chosen strap must be compatible with the stance and position that you adopt when playing your instrument. Even though you are going to be holding the instrument in front of your body you should still be able to move freely without the neck strap restricting you in any way.

The Length

You should also consider the length of the neck strap to ensure that it is suitable for your requirements. You don't want to invest in your strap only to find that it is insufficiently sized upon arrival.

The specifications of your product will state its current length and the length that it can be adjusted to. The length of the strap is important in ensuring that you are restricted on your ability to move freely even when holding the instrument in front of you.


While the purpose of this guide is primarily to source the best saxophone neck straps available, you will also find that many options are not only suitable for use with a saxophone but can also be attached to a variety of other instruments.

This means that regardless of the instrument that you are playing, you can play it with comfort using the strap. Other straps will be suitable for specific types of saxophones and so it is important to check the specifications beforehand.


For those who are likely to be playing their saxophone for prolonged periods, the breathability of the strap is going to be important.

For the duration of time that it is in use, it is going to be pressed against your skin, and should you find yourself playing in warm climates, this is likely to lead to a build-up of sweat which can potentially result in unwanted odors.

Breathable materials should possess effectively ventilated qualities that are going to allow the sweat to dissipate rather than gather.

The Color

While the color may not serve significant importance to some, for others, it may be an important consideration.

Saxophone neck straps typically come in neutral colors with the most popular option being black, however, some manufacturers offer their straps in bolder colors, ideal for those who want to be more adventurous with their neck strap.

The Price

The price of a saxophone strap can differ between the brands. While there are many affordable options available, there are also some which are more expensive and ideal for those who wish to invest a little more in their strap.

There isn't a set amount that you are expected to spend on your neck strap. If you have a tighter budget to work with, not to worry as there are many affordable, high-quality options available to cater to this.

The comfort and support that is offered by your neck strap are super important and you must ensure that you don't compromise on these factors for affordability. While it seems appealing to save a few dollars on a cheaper product, you may then be paying the price with an aching shoulder and neck.

To provide you with all of the inspiration that you require, we have included a range of neck straps in our guide above, some that are a little expensively priced and others that are much more affordable. 

Best Saxophone Neck Strap - FAQ's

Can you wash saxophone neck straps?

Yes, neck straps made from certain materials can be washed.

It is important to check the guidance of your neck strap beforehand, however, those that are made from neoprene can be washed using warm water and a mild detergent. 

Once washed and rinsed, you can then allow your neck strap to air dry.