Best Trombones

When it comes to playing in a brass band, a jazz band or an orchestra, most of us will recognize a small trumpet or the S-shaped curve of a saxophone, but some of us might not be that familiar with the paperclip-shaped trombone.Trombones give that deep rasping bassy sound, often the most commanding that you …

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Best Plastic Trombone

The trombone is one of the key instruments in an orchestra or a jazz band, it’s rich tones are achieved through a solid brass composition, the trombone player having to hit the notes with a slide rather than a set of keys.The trombone is a very powerful instrument that can be adapted for a wide …

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Best Jazz Trombone

Jazz is one of those genres of music that has captivated musicians and fans for generations, with many aficionados being able to tell apart bebop from free-from improvised jazz with the naked ear alone.  This is a music genre with a varied and rich lineage, one key instrument that features prominently in that lineage is …

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