Best Professional Clarinet

You’ve finally got to where you want to be as a clarinetist. You have passed all of your exams and can tackle any piece of music with ease.

But now you need to purchase a clarinet of the highest quality as you embark on your professional career as a clarinetist.

When considering which clarinet to go for, you have to put in your research and make sure the model you pick is going to help you embark on a successful career.

Making sure it looks professional and does an even greater job than any other clarinet you have had. This means that when you have selected your clarinet, you’ll be reassured that the instrument you’ve picked is going to see you through years of performances.

But wondering where to start can be a tricky situation. Since this will be the clarinet that starts your professional career, you want to make sure that you’re making the right decision.

Lucky for you, we’ve done all the hard work for you. In this article, we will be taking you through the top 5 professional clarinets on the market as well as a buyers guide to assist you in your research and concluding with an FAQ to answer any questions or concerns you may have before you make your decision.

Don’t have time to read the article? Here is our top recommendation:

Eastar Wind Band B Flat Clarinet

The Eastar Wind Band clarinet is the perfect professional clarinet for those looking for an instrument that can handle any piece for any kind of performance whether it be as a soloist or orchestral performance.

The main body is made from ebonite which is one of the best materials for a clarinet to be made from as it assists in producing a rich sound. The Wind Band model has an integrated design meaning it can handle both light and heavy blowing for varied performances.

What makes this our winner? Not only is the clarinet of the highest quality, but the instrument comes equipped with a hard case and various accessories such as a stand to ensure that your clarinet can be easily maintained with the case providing that extra security. 

Not only does this help your clarinet look professional at all times but you can also be assured that it will bring top performances for years to come.


Eastar B Flat Clarinet for Intermediate Beginners, Upgraded Ebonite Bb Clarinet Silver-plated with 2 Barrels, 4C Mouthpiece, Hard Case, Cleaning Kit, ECL-400

The Eastar Wind Band clarinet is perfect for professional players who want an instrument that is durable and can handle a lot of difficult performances.

The quality of the manufacturing and design have been made especially with the professional performer in mind as the soft ebonite body enhances a rounded tone and the silver-plated keys are delicate meaning that they won’t get stiff during performances.

It comes with a 4C mouthpiece which is ideal for creating a crisp and clear sound, ideal for those in orchestras and bands.

With an amazing 4.5 stars from over 300 reviews, lots of buyers have commented on the quality of the sound, especially when compared with intermediate and beginner clarinets.

The clarity and richness of tone provided by the body of the clarinet is second to none, making it an ideal instrument for performers.

Its durability means that you will be playing this instrument for years to come without having to worry about the quality of your performances.


  • Comes equipped with a hard case and accessories
  • Ebonite body provides a rounded and enriched tone
  • Silver-plated keys will not get stiff during performances


  • The ligature provided can be difficult to tighten


Mendini MCT-E+SD+PB Black Ebonite ABS B Flat Clarinet with Case, Stand, Pocketbook, Mouthpiece, 10 Reeds and More

Our second choice is the Mendini MCT-E+SD+PB clarinet which is a great pick for those wanting to purchase a professional clarinet without breaking the bank.

The ebonite body and nickel-plated keys ensure that the instrument provides enriched sound for a long period of time as well as ensuring the instrument’s overall durability.

The clarinet comes with a case and accessories, including a clarinet stand meaning that when performing, you can place the clarinet on the stand between performances.

With 4.4 stars from over 1,500 reviews, the Mendini has been lauded as a great clarinet for professionals looking for their first professional clarinet.

Provided with 1 year free warranty in case of any defects, you can be assured that the Mendini is a brilliant clarinet that will see you through the first years of your professional career.


  • Great for the beginning of your professional career
  • Comes with a case and accessories to ensure that your clarinet is in the best condition
  • Provided with 1 year free warranty


  • Can be tricky to take apart so make sure you use the cork grease


Hisonic Signature Series 2610 Bb Orchestra Clarinet with Case

Our third choice is the Hisonic Signature Series 2610 clarinet which again is made from ebonite and has nickel-plated keys.

Producing a clear and centred tone, the 2610 is the perfect clarinet for those who take part in various types of performances playing different kinds of music.

Particularly suited for those who are part of a professional band or orchestra, the 2610 is a beautiful instrument that is favored by those who are professional clarinetists due to its consistency in performance and durability.

Equipped with a hard case to keep the instrument secure, the 2610 also has a mouthpiece cap so you can be assured that your clarinet will be in top condition in between use.

With an amazing 4.4 stars from over 400 reviews, the 2610 is the ideal instrument for those who are embarking on a professional career within orchestras and bands.

Players in marching bands have also commented on how easy it is to hold with no worry of the instrument slipping away.

It’s sturdy and high quality design ensures that it will always provide a rounded performance and will stay consistent for many years of continued use.


  • Ideal for those embarking on a professional career in bands or orchestras
  • Comes equipped with a hard case and accessories
  • Ebonite body ensures a clear and enriched tone


  • The keys can sometimes be a bit rigid


Our penultimate choice is this amazing clarinet from LJ Hutchen.

Again made from ebonite with nickel-plated keys to ensure that you can give the best performance possible, the LJ Hutchen model comes with a 2 year warranty guarantee as it is a clarinet that will last for years to come with consistently brilliant performances. 

The ebonite body has a satin finish to provide that sleek professional exterior while also acting to help the instrument stay maintained.

Boasting 4.3 stars from over 100 reviews, people who have purchased the LJ Hutchen have praised the longevity of the instrument as well as the clarity of the sound it produces.

Made from the highest quality materials and complete with a hard case and accessories that have been specifically designed with the clarinet’s maintenance in mind, the LJ Hutchen is an instrument designed to last for years to come and is the perfect instrument for those wanting a professional instrument for a variety of performances.


  • Made from high quality materials to ensure the instrument’s longevity
  • Comes equipped with a hard case and accessories to ensure it is easily maintained
  • Provided with a 2 year warranty guarantee


  • High price point


Kaizer Clarinet B Flat Bb Ebony Black CLE-1000EB

Our last choice is perfect for the intermediate player looking to purchase a professional clarinet for the start of their career.

The Kaizer CLE-1000EB is a beautiful instrument made from ebonite which as discussed assists in producing a rounded sound which is great for solo and orchestral performances.

Equipped with a moulded case and accessories and a lifetime warranty guarantee, the CLE-1000EB has been designed to stay with you for a long period of time as you develop your professional career.

The leatherette pads on the instrument allow for easy grip which is ideal for those who take part in a marching band as there is reduced chance of slipping or losing grip.

With 4.3 stars from over 70 reviews, the Kaizer CLE-1000EB is the perfect clarinet if you are wanting to break out into your professional career with an instrument that is durable and sturdy.

The Kaizer CLE-1000EB provides a beautiful sound that has proved to be a huge improvement for so many players.

The adjustable thumb rest means that you can adjust the instrument to suit your specific needs so you can ensure your own comfortability thus improving your performance even more.


  • Ebonite body ensure an enriched performance
  • Moulded case and accessories allow you to easily maintain the instrument
  • Lifetime warranty guarantee means you can have peace of mind when it comes to replacing parts


  • The logo on the instrument can easily rub off

Best Professional Clarinets Buying Guide

Jumping into a professional career as a clarinetist can seem overwhelming, especially when you’re at the start of your career and want to make a good impression. Therefore, making sure you pick the correct instrument is not only essential but crucial.

At this point in your career, you should be familiar with the differences between a high quality clarinet and a low quality clarinet. Therefore what is discussed in this buyers guide may seem like stating the obvious but they are factors that can be accidentally overlooked.

Making sure you do thorough research is essential because you probably have an idea of what works best for you as well as what kind of music you want to perform but generally, what we will discuss in this buyers guide is give a broad overview of the factors that need to be considered before making your final decision.

Best Professional Clarinet

When you are looking for your professional clarinet, always consider the materials used to make the instrument, whether it comes with a warranty guarantee and also what else comes with the instrument itself.

Once you have considered these factors, you’ll be able to make an informed decision and decide which clarinet is the best to kickstart your professional career.

As stated before, as an advanced player, you will know what to expect from a clarinet so it should come as no surprise that you should want to invest in an instrument that is going to see you through a hugely important time in your professional life as a clarinetist. 


When you are thinking about what clarinet is best for you, always consider the materials used to make the clarinet. Do not under any circumstance buy a plastic clarinet.

Not only do they look unprofessional for performances, but they are not reliable when it comes to playing difficult pieces, especially those at the higher and lower ends of the register.

Your best bet is to go for a wooden clarinet as they provide a richer sound which is why most professional clarinets are made from ebonite. Not only do they look professional but they have the capability to endure any kind of performance and will last a longtime.

When looking at the material that the clarinet is made from, consider the weight of the instrument. You don’t want it to be too light as this will indicate poor materials have been used whereas you don’t want it too heavy that it will be uncomfortable when performing. 


You may want to consider any warranty that is included when you purchase your clarinet. Not every professional clarinet comes with warranty but there are some models that come with 1 or 2 years and in some cases, a lifetime warranty guarantee.

This means that if your clarinet breaks or a part needs replacing, you have the guarantee that this can be fixed. This can be helpful if you are prone to breaking your clarinet regularly.

What comes with the clarinet

Lastly, look at what comes with the clarinet itself. Most clarinets come equipped with a case which is extremely helpful as they are usually designed with that particular instrument in mind meaning that it will be secure.

Some models, however, also come with various accessories such as reeds, stands and cork grease, helping you to maintain the quality of your instrument so it will always be in the best condition.

Most professional clarinets will come with just a case but usually advanced clarinetists tend to have preferences when it comes to accessories such as cork grease or reed brands.

This is why you tend to see a wider array of accessories and essentials provided with beginner clarinets for those who are unfamiliar with how the instrument works. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a student clarinet and a professional clarinet?

The big difference between a student clarinet and a professional clarinet is that the former is best for developing techniques and helping the player to become an advanced player whereas the latter is designed for those who know the techniques and are using their clarinet solely for performance.

Student clarinets don’t necessarily have to be made from high grade quality materials although it does help whereas a professional clarinetist will be expected to invest in their instrument and make sure that it can perform any piece with consistency. 

Why are clarinets so expensive?

Clarinets are so expensive because when it comes to professional clarinets, the materials they are made from are of the highest quality and they are also extremely durable and capable of performing any difficult piece.

Also consider that as a professional clarinetist, you would expect the instrument to last years before needing replacing whereas previous clarinets you may have owned are to assist in improving your skills and techniques.

Clarinets that are made to last and have that durability are more expensive but when you consider the cost per use, it is considerably cheaper in the long-run because you will get your money’s worth.

What is the best professional clarinet?

The best professional clarinets are the ones given in this article but in a general sense, always look for a clarinet with a wooden body, specifically ebonite which is one of the most durable materials a clarinet can be made from.

Also ensure that the keys are made from nickel to ensure that they are not too rigid and therefore won’t get stiff during a performance.

The best professional clarinets on the market are the ones that have been designed and manufactured using the highest quality materials available.