Best Trumpet Mouthpiece For High Notes

The trumpet is one of the most popular and recognizable instruments in an orchestra or a jazz ensemble, with a resonant bell in the top, a complex network of brass valves and three keys, even someone with very little experience in music will know intimately the shape and tone of the trumpet.

But one crucial factor that will affect the sound of your trumpet is the mouthpiece. The narrowness of the shank or the dimensions of the cup size will affect your ability to hit both low and high notes.

Having a mouthpiece that will suit your style of playing will make all the difference between a great performance and an awful one. If you are a jazz player that prefers playing high notes, then you’ll need a mouthpiece with a smaller cup size to ensure that your lips can quickly articulate each different note.

High notes also need less space, as the narrowness of the barrel and the shank will make it easier to purse your lips tighter and squeeze a greater concentration of air through your trumpet, allowing you to hit those often hard to reach shrill notes.

But where can you find the best trumpet mouthpiece for high notes? What features and materials do your trumpet mouthpiece need to be made out of for you to get a pitch-perfect performance every time? How much can you be expected to spend on a trumpet mouthpiece in terms of price?

Well, novice and seasoned trumpet players need not worry any longer, as we’ve compiled a list of some of the best trumpet mouthpieces for high notes currently available on the market. We’ve also got a buyer’s guide that will help you determine the good trumpet mouthpieces from the not-so-good ones, as well as some frequently asked questions.


Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece 3C

Our first trumpet mouthpiece is one that is considered medium-sized, made from sturdy silver, it has already garnered plenty of positive reviews on Amazon, which is important when purchasing an instrument that won’t let you down.

Having a narrower cup size will allow you to articulate a wider range of pitches, including high ones - introducing the Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece 3C.

Bach is very well-known on the music scene, producing quality instruments and musical accessories that trumpet, trombone and saxophone players have been using for decades.

When it comes to craftsmanship it is important to have a company that has a good reputation, and Bach certainly is one of those companies.

With this mouthpiece, you’ll have a greater degree of control over your instrument, the shallow depth of the cup will help you develop the embouchure you need to hit those high notes.

The solid silver body is also very easy to clean, which is very important if you plan on playing a lot of live gigs where sweat can accumulate.


  • This is great for intermediate players who are looking to widen their tonal range, hitting those high notes that they need to put them in the big leagues.
  • The construction and design of this mouthpiece are specifically for jazz players who need to articulate a lot of notes in quick succession.
  • Having control of your lip movements is very important for moving your playing to the next level, and this mouthpiece will help you to achieve that.
  • This mouthpiece has a naturally shallower cup size, which will allow you to hit those higher notes with greater precision.


  • The price - this is one of the more expensive mouthpieces on this list, which might deter players who are working on a budget.


Schilke Standard Series Trumpet Mouthpiece Group I In Silver 14A4a Silver

Our next mouthpiece is one perfectly adapted for hitting those higher notes, with a shallower cup size and a narrower shank, this will perfectly mold itself to the shape of most lip sizes.

It is very easy to play and clean after use, which is important for avoiding the buildup of bacteria - introducing the Schilke Standard Series Trumpet Mouthpiece.

This mouthpiece is one of the most comfortable to play, with a flattened rim that will allow your lips to sit comfortably on it during playing.

When it comes to progressing in your trumpet playing, you need your mouth to be relaxed and not too much pressure put on the lips, allowing you to play for longer and perfect your technique.

The body of this mouthpiece is made from pure silver, making it very durable and resistant to the repeated stresses often placed on this part of the trumpet.

The neck and cup size are designed to constrict the amount of air that is allowed through this mouthpiece, allowing you to hit those higher notes.


  • The shallowness of the cup is perfect for hitting high notes, with a narrower shank that makes playing higher and faster much easier.
  • This is perfect for anyone who wants to move from intermediate playing to professional level, particularly if you’re a jazz player who has to deal with a high volume of notes very quickly.
  • The flattened rim of this mouthpiece will reduce chapping and soreness that you can often experience from long hours of playing.
  • Having a mouthpiece that lasts for years is crucial, as the last thing a player will want to be doing is forking out money on a mouthpiece every year. Often you’ll want a select few mouthpieces that you can use for different playing styles.


  • Some users have complained that this mouthpiece does not increase their range at all.


Yamaha Trumpet Mouthpiece Bobby Shew Signature Jazz (YAC SHEWJAZZ)

Next up we have a mouthpiece by the world-renowned Yamaha brand, made famous by the skill and attention to detail when making instruments or instrument accessories.

Whether it’s trumpets, guitars, drums or saxophones, you can expect only the best performance from a Yamaha instrument - introducing the Yamaha Bobby Shew Signature Jazz Trumpet Mouthpiece.

This mouthpiece is one that has been designed by the famous jazz trumpeter Bobby Shew. It has a roomier cup that will allow you to achieve that rich, warm jazz sound. This is perfect for jazz players who want to expand their repertoire of sound and rattle through those high notes quickly but articulately.

This is extra plated with silver, which means that your instrument will be very durable and will last you for years. This will be very important if you are a jazz player who performs at a lot of live gigs and experiences sweat and moisture. When you are playing live, you don’t want the notes to be affected negatively by water damage.


  • Perfect for jazz players - with its shallow cup and narrow shank, this is ideal for jazz players who crave that superlative level of control in their lips and mouth.
  • The silver construction of this mouthpiece will ensure that it will last for years even under the most intense stresses.
  • This mouthpiece bears the name of Bobby Shew, a seasoned jazz trumpeter. The hundreds of positive reviews on this mouthpiece is a testament to both its design quality and reliability.
  • This mouthpiece will give your notes that sharp and clear quality that you’ll need if you’re a solo player looking to rise above the sound of other instruments.


  • Some trumpet plays have complained that this does not articulate notes as well as first advertised.


Bach Mega Tone Trumpet Mouthpiece, 3C (K3513C)

Our next mouthpiece is one that should be reserved only for the medium-skilled players who want to elevate their playing to the professional levels.

It might be a bit pricier than some of the other options on this list, but you can be sure of its superior quality, as well as its resilience - introducing the Bach Nega Tone Trumpet Mouthpiece.

This mouthpiece is a very versatile one, it can be used for an orchestra, a jazz band or just as a solo instrument, giving you bright and clear notes even into the higher register.

You can achieve those warm and rich sounds that are usually associated with the trumpet, allowing you to rise above the drums and bass.

The cup size fits perfectly to most mouth shapes, with medium-sized dimensions that give you a much wider tonal range.

The material that this mouthpiece is made from is incredibly durable and hygienic, not succumbing to either bacteria or moisture, both of which can severely harm a mouthpiece’s efficiency over time.


  • The brand - this is another mouthpiece from the well-respected and renowned Bach manufacturer, the hundreds of positive reviews this product has received on Amazon is a testament to the quality of the craftsmanship and the attention to detail in the design.
  • You’ll be able to hit a range of notes with this mouthpiece - the design of the cup is just the right size to make those notes sound bright, crisp and clear.
  • The material from this mouthpiece is solid silver and designed in such a way as to minimize as much moisture accumulation as possible.
  • This mouthpiece will provide you with a warm and rich tone that will give any jazz band or orchestra a brighter feeling.


  • The price - this is probably one of the most expensive mouthpieces on this list and should only be reserved for intermediate or professional players with over a year of experience under their belt.


Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece (K3511C)

Our final mouthpiece is by no means the worst on this list, with a 1C size that will be a bit more comfortable than a 3C and more appealing to the beginner or intermediate player. This will allow you to produce longer and larger sounds with a mouthpiece that will give you a lot more control over your instrument - introducing the Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece.

The rim of this trumpet mouthpiece is very large, making it very comfortable on your lips and allowing you to play for much longer. This will be crucial for you to upgrade from an intermediate player to a professional, handling faster and higher-pitched jazz notes. Blowing on this mouthpiece will feel almost effortless to the skilled player.

The lifespan of this mouthpiece is longer than a lot of the others on this list, mainly owing to its build quality as well as the thicker design. This would be an ideal backup mouthpiece for a seasoned jazz musician who has some high pitched compositions in their setlist and wants a mouthpiece that can handle them.


  • This mouthpiece is specially made to be played for longer and with greater levels of comfort. This is a great item for anyone remotely interesting in improving their embouchure.
  • This mouthpiece is thicker, sturdier and gives a much richer, more resonant sound, making it perfect for use on a lead trumpet.
  • The 1C dimensions make it a lot easier on the lips to play, allowing you and your mouth to get to grips with those high and mid-range notes.
  • You can expect a much articulation of each note with this item, allowing you to practice hopping from one scale to another with ease.


  • The price - like a lot of these professional mouthpieces, you can expect a hefty price tag. This is not a mouthpiece for the newbie trumpeter with a limited budget.

Best Trumpet Mouthpiece For High Notes
 Buying Guide

Having the right mouthpiece for your trumpet will be incredibly important, especially if you’re looking to transition from being a good player to a great player.

However, you’ll have to think about the style of music you’re going to playing, as well as the intensity and regularity at which you’ll be playing.

A lot of the mouthpieces in the list are made especially for jazz playing, as they have a shallower cup and a narrower shank to compress the air more tightly and help you reach those higher notes.

Here are a few things that you’ll be wanting to look for when shopping for a new mouthpiece particularly for high note playing:

What Skill Level Is Your Playing?

If you are a beginner, you’ll probably be looking for larger cup sizes like 3C, which will help you to achieve a lot more volume with a lot less effort.

These larger cup sizes are more suited to classical music, whereas jazz playing has smaller cup sizes for faster and higher playing.

The smaller the mouthpiece, the more effort and control you’ll need over your embouchure. This is why more skilled players should opt for jazz playing, as it requires your mouth to be finely developed to that intensive playing style.

How Comfortable Is Your Mouthpiece?

Just because you're playing something difficult that doesn’t mean that your playing should be uncomfortable.

In fact, the more comfortable your lips will feel against your mouthpiece then the longer you’ll be able to play and the higher your skill level will become.

Remember: when switching between mouthpieces, you’ll need to allow some time for your lips to adjust from one to another. You’ll have to warm up your mouth on the new mouthpiece to avoid hitting bum notes.

How Much Is A Mouthpiece For High Notes?

Because these mouthpieces are aimed at more accomplished players, the design and materials used in their making are a lot more intricate and therefore more expensive.

However, you can find certain mouthpieces that are cheaper and do not compromise on quality. You will have to make sure that your mouthpiece is resilient enough to last you a few years without succumbing to moisture damage.

You’ll also want a mouthpiece that is easy to clean before and after use, as exposing it to excess moisture over time will impede its ability to function properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Clean A Trumpet Properly?

Brass instruments need looking after. If you choose not to clean them properly, then the functionality and the notes they produce will be severely negatively affected over time.

You’ll want to make sure that all excess spit is run through the trumpet via the spit valves before, after and sometimes during every performance.

Trumpets often come with a special valve oil that you should use to keep the valves lubricated thoroughly. The mouthpiece can also be cleaned easily with warm water or a combination of hot water and washing up liquid. However, make sure it’s thoroughly clean and dry before putting it to your mouth.

How Much Is A Trumpet To Buy?

Most student trumpets will cost you somewhere between $150 - $200, although we would recommend that you spend a bit more than this to avoid buying a substandard model that will warp quickly over repeated uses.

You can purchase some very durable plastic trumpets to start on, with a resilient PVC construction that can be more durable than their brass counterparts. Research is always very important when buying a new trumpet and other accessories such as a mouthpiece or a mute.

Ideally, you’ll want to try out your instrument in the store before purchasing. Remember to bring your own mouthpiece to ensure that the notes are consistent.